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Tavern RPG will be the very first all new game to appear on Mega Drive/Genesis and Sega CD/Mega CD in this millenium.

It is a thing many have called an unfullfillable dream. But it is real. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy holding an all new cartridge / CD-ROM for your favourite 16-Bit-console in your hand as much as we enjoyed making the dream come true.

Tavern RPG is originated from the Sega Mega Drive-/Genesis-homebrew-community of Eidolon´s Inn in 2004. Started as a small effort to bring the members of the site to virtual life in a little RPG, time has passed and the game has grown to become so much more. Now Tavern RPG is on the way to hopefully become a Role Playing Game matching all the other great classics of the 16-Bit-era...


... Our dedicated team at WM Development aims at no less than producing a game that can hold up to or even exceed professional quality as we all know it from the systems´ original lifespan.

To reach that goal we have probably the most powerfull RPG-game-engine to work with, talented artists putting all their love for classic gaming into great music and extremely detailed graphics, and a dramatic plot to offer players all the excitement they expect from a good story-based RPG. Since we do not expect to become rich by doing this, you can trust us that this game will have what a fan wants; after all, it is made by fans for fans.

When the Mega Drive turns twenty years old, it is time to put the 68 000 heart on Fire one more time.